Another day, another airport lounge. Colombo.

Wildlife experience in Sri Lanka was brilliant and now off to Baros, Maldives to chill for a few days.

Thought provoking last few days with Bowie, Rickman and Frey gone. Glenn same age as me. Ghandi said (excuse if paraphrased) “Live as if you were to die tomorrow and learn as if you were to live forever”

Bitterly disapointing that the Guardian have jumped into bed with Shell. Another example of the primacy of big business and the untouchable power of plutocracy.

“Be generous in prosperity and thankful in adversity”

Sri Lanka is a very religious country, primarily Buddhist so maybe I have absorbed some karma of mysticism whilst here-?

By tamtennis

Retired. Working life split first in molecular biology then as pro tennis coach.
Hobbies: playing guitar, cooking, spending time with friends, eating out, attending concerts.
Interests: The world all around us- where it's been and where it's going.

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