Wild in the Country

Ayubowan lowa wesiyani.

Hello world from Sri Lanka. Well it appears that there are not really any stand alone pubs here – ( that is places built to dispense alcohol rather than places where only one person at a time can have a drink ) so that is a great start for my theme of reviewing a pub a week for a year isn’t it? Yesterday whilst travelling to our  present hotel we stopped for lunch at a lakeside restaurant and with the temperature about 30 degrees higher than back home in Edinburgh I was really looking forward to quenching my thirst. It was a big holiday for the Tamil population in particular but it seemed like the Sinhalese and whatever the faith, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus were not about to miss the opportunity to have a day off. No one working in the tea plantations. Turns out that no alcohol is served on that holiday. We had a good laugh once over the disappointment.

Really enjoying the wildlife. Off on leopard safari tomorrow at 5.20!

Since I’m on holiday have decided to save gogisms ’til we get back home. Phil O Sofar probably not getting into print ’til then either.

Featured image of jungle wildcat taken at an animal rescue centre.

Below, me as a shadow of my former self and on line ( ha!)  but whether right or wrong track is a moot point-?

Here endeth my first post.

By tamtennis

Retired. Working life split first in molecular biology then as pro tennis coach.
Hobbies: playing guitar, cooking, spending time with friends, eating out, attending concerts.
Interests: The world all around us- where it's been and where it's going.

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