Out of Africa. 

First couple of days at Lapa Lange which was built by a water hole. Got really clever water holes over here!

Got lucky when White rhino came in at dusk. They are sub species of similar which have been hunted to extinction in northern habitats and though efforts to save them in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia are having some success it was still a great privilege to get so close to such magnificent wild beasts. 

                              Unlike us who are Right Winos, these are White Rhinos
Coincidentally today I got mail from Avaaz suggesting African elephants may only be around for another decade or so. – haven’t read content yet as connection here at our second stop, “We Kebi” is more intermittent than internet. 

Next.  Today in Swakopmund which is on the Atlantic Coast. We passed through the Tropic of Capricorn on the way. 
Turns out that Avaaz mail was to push for an E. U. ban on ivory trade. As well as the commercial aspect it is also incredibly sad that these beasts are also getting slaughtered just so sad fucks can get an adrenaline rush.

                                                               We Kebi Sunset

Visited the Dunes in the Namib desert in Sossusvlei. Thought provoking and elemental.

                                                                 Tam going up a Doon
Half way through our trip. More later.