Earl of Marchmont

You join me in one of our most local of locals in Marchmont.

Formerly The Totem it has been leased by the present landlord from PubTaverns for about five years.

Scotland’s dog friendliest pub 2016
I am sampling Jack Back at 3.7% from Stewart’s.

Today arrives a letter from DWP telling us we’ll be getting a winter fuel payment of £100 for a recent cold weather qualifying week. This jumps out as a job for PPP.

We are in the fortunate position to be able to heat our home as and when necessary. You can qualify for this payment if you were born before 1953. It is not means tested. So -Why? – when we have more people than ever having to turn to food banks.  And let’s see what Chancellor X Checker does with Universal Credit this week.  No Proportionality there!

The gin queen has proposed adding it to our Age Concern contribution this Christmas.

How do you feel about the necessity in our society for all the charities?  Today downtown in the pissing rain we walked past lots of poor souls but the one I saw on Rose Street at the back entrance to what was British Home Stores, whose business and pension fund were raided by corporate leeches, struck a particular chord with me. But an extremely dissonant one.

This week sampling Liberty Ale from Anchor Brewery, San Francisco.  Advertised as first brewed on April 18th ’75. What happened on that date I wonder?

More history. Stopped into Tiles for a light lunch this week.  And noticed an inscription carved into the window:  ” Nunca est bibendum ” The way things are going that may catch on!

If I’ve got my Latin correct this means ” now is the time for drinking”  This is taken from an ode by Horace written about 30 BC to celebrate Roman victory over Cleopatra. Always thought Horace was an unusual name for a Roman. ( unusual for anyone Ed.-  and he had to check the meaning of bibendum.) Clype!!

The President elect has offered an oil man climate change denier the job of running the environment agency. The NRA  are pushing hard to get all states to allow citizens to carry guns. But don’t worry they will have to be concealed on your person, so that’s all right then.

We’ve decided never to visit America!

On the way to my club tonight and I am reminded of something that really gets on my tits, so I thought I would get it off my chest!

You are in your car on the way home and it’s winter, so it’s dark, right?    You are at the traffic lights and contrary to everything that you need to pass your test, instead of having your hand- brake on, you are standing on your brakes and blinding the poor bastard that is directly behind you.

What is great about this situation is that by standing on your brakes you are not aware that this is physically more stressful than putting the handbrake on, but that not only are you glaring at the poor sod behind you, you are mentally cracking them up.

Which brings us to PPP values: You were going to help me with developing our manifesto and an awareness test. Why do we need one again? Well if you had any awareness you would know!

I’ve designed the electrodes so now we need to work on the questions.

Q1. Do you agree that the world in general but our country in particular is a beacon of equal opportunity and fairness?

A. Yes

Q2. Where the fuck have you been hiding?

Earl of Marchmont

Ok, hands up. I know, I know. The picture above is crap but I haven’t had time to get a better one. We have been in the Borders, up ’til now the only Scottish region not producing gin. My source tells me that that is about to change very soon with former rugby internationalist Finlay Calder involved. He could change his name to Ginlay?

As I sign off am sampling Brewgooder Cleanwater Lager. 100% of the profits go to water projects in places such as Malawi.


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