Number One

What do you get angry about?

“If you are not angry, what sort of person are you?”

That’s a quote from film maker Ken Loach and it struck a C major with me.

There are so many things wrong in this mucked up world that you would struggle to narrow down to 5 those that most upset you.    Don’t believe me?   Try it.

Mine are all inextricably linked to Homo sapiens sapiens.

No Surprise there.

Science tells us that the earth is about 4.5 billion years old and that the current version of us has only been around about 200,000 years?    Or you may prefer the idea that it all started in the Garden of Eden about 6,000 years ago. (?)  Hope not. If that were true it would be an even worse reflection of how quickly we have fucked up.

Everyone’s agenda would be different but I suppose what I’m trying to say is don’t just sit there whingeing,  do something about the things that get on your wick!

Beers and counting: 5 new so far.

This week La Blonde from Mont Blanc Brasserie is probably from the highest altitude I have tasted. Almost as high as the cost at £9.50.   It was a 750ml bottle  – but even for a French beer a bit on the Cher side Sonny. ( though you would probably have to add an e to cher as bière is feminine.  pEdant.)

You may know a Brasserie as a relaxed eating place but I didn’t know that it was also French for brewery. Learn something new everyday.

Also Duke IPA at night in our most local of locals which is under new management and was due a revisit having gone down the tubes recently.  From Swannay brewery in Orkney at 5.2% my choice has loads of taste and is in very good condition.   I am won back to our closest pub, Number 1, as that is what it is imaginatively (?) called.

Number 1 Pub


I am in the habit of picking up different beers from my local wine shop and on getting home discover a bottle of Orkney IPA in the cooler ( ooh! How New World,  Ed.)    Coincidence.   That one waits for another day and I sample a beer from yet another new brewery who call themselves Fierce, fae Eberdeen. Opened 1st April, 2016.   I try a pale ale called Dayshift and the bottle has a picture of a man in a suit but the guy’s head is replaced by that of a vulture. What the fuck is that all about by the way?

I have been collecting phrases /quotes related to beer in general and it’s promotion in particular, but that is for a future Alzheimer’s delayer. Though thinking about it it may be better just to drop a quote in here and there?

Sentences like that can get on your its.

You may know that I find it very difficult to read Scotland’s National Ragpaper but I do still occasionally scan the sports section. Today a report on a recent match between West Ham and Chelsea where a Chelsea fan by the you couldn’t make it up name of Cutting is pictured with blood running down his bald skull. The Rag informs us that “— Steve Cutting received a head injury to his head–”

Also added to beer list is Bearface Lager 4.4% from Drygate Brewery, Glasgow. Artwork features a Zeus like face with a beard that goes into the sky and branches in two with a bear’s head at each end. Amazing what students from the Glasgow College of Art can come up with!

I read today that the intolerable frog face wanker is in line for a peerage. As somebody once said: “You cannot be fucking serious”

Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in the National Museum visited by the gin queen and me. The first time in the museum for both since the early seventies.  WOW!  Recently upgraded, the place is a beacon for what can done with public money. Uplifting. Inspirational. Check out their website and GO!

Halloween couple of days ago.  Long past the tipping point. Hordes of  little ones came round . Delightful little kids. It’s become like Hitchcock’s  “The Birds”

We had only spent about £20 quid on goodies and the  g q had to put the lights out and the double lock on 20 minutes after the first visit!  I had bailed out to the pub before that. Sabre lasers everywhere.  My generation used to have to get down on our knees, hold a fork in our mouths and drop them on apples floating in a tub. If you missed-  too bad. Hungry.

Dookin’ good fun.

I didn’t have a clue what it was all about way back then. And I’m no further enlightened now. It is however starting to rival Christmas in it’s commercial excess.

Red top and Torygraph rage on High Court decision re parliament’s rôle in Brexit. Omg it’s going to be as awful and drawn out as the US election. Thank god that will be over soon -and we await the worst! ( Too many gods there. Do you not know that that is the reason for most of the world’s conflicts? Ed)

Last night pre prandials of Beavertown apa Gamma Ray 5.4% and Yellow Cab lager 4.1% in the Southern.


But remember    –  there is nothing wrong with sobriety,

In Moderation.

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