Off to a great start

Pub 1 Feb 1 2016
The Cafe Royal

One of the many great watering holes in the city the Cafe Royal is also justly renowned for it’s food. It celebrated it’s 150th anniversary last year. A classic brass and wood central serving area. Comfortable booths in the bar and restaurant adjoining.

Recently bought over by Greene- King – leaders in pub retailing and brewing in the u k they tell us- so here’s hoping they don’t muck it around!  Expect more promotion of their own beer brands but if they retain what up ’til now has been a wide selection from other breweries then should still be worth a visit. A major incongruity is the fruit machine. Totally out of place and time with the overall ambience. Naff really.  Staff are extremely friendly and efficient and it’s a great venue to get together with a few friends. A regular.




By tamtennis

Retired. Working life split first in molecular biology then as pro tennis coach.
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